Obsessed Midwest Gardener

Gardening, yoga, travel, parenting, cooking. The extraordinary experience of being an ordinary human.

50 + years of figuring it out again and again.

What interests me most is progression– dynamics– how things change. What can be explained and what can’t be explained. How gardens, places, people change over time, how people can change gardens, places, themselves, how learners and teachers can create changes in relationships and in systems and in communities. How the world can change the world.

What I Do:

Beekeeping and Mead-Making–We keep hives in Southeastern Wisconsin and brew ‘medicinal’ short meads.
Home-schooled to Yale, F&M, Carleton, Oberlin, Stanford Law. Wee bonus 5 months old from stork.

Ornamental Gardening-Professional gardener and landscape contractor since 1994. Garden writer.
200 hours RYT instructor, lifelong student

Small-Scale Farming with Wfoof-Vegetables, honey, and hens with help from work exchanges.
Travel and travel writing. Peculiar travel suggestions are marching orders from god.

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  • House Rules
    Disclaimer and Plea This information on this site is not intended to treat any condition or disorder, including but not limited to obsessive gardening, addicted conifer syndrome, or spring fever. The contents and information on this site are for plantContinue reading “House Rules”
  • Wwoof USA
    Cultural Exchange When all of our children were living at home we enjoyed the cultural exchange that came from hosting foreign exchange students with AFS and YFU. Nine young people spent at least a week, but most spent a schoolContinue reading “Wwoof USA”
  • My plan to grow older without getting old.
    Eat mostly vegetables Squat Tend a garden (or many gardens!) Dance Control the thought waves of the mind Play Read Travel Forgive Sleep Retell old stories in new, better ways Walk Yoga asana