House Rules

Disclaimer and Plea

This information on this site is not intended to treat any condition or disorder, including but not limited to obsessive gardening, addicted conifer syndrome, or spring fever.

The contents and information on this site are for plant hardiness zone 5A, but if you live outside of that zone, you can mouth off here too. Please don’t brag about how you can grow Bear’s Breeches though, okay?


Here are the rules: Say whatever you want to about plants. You can even hate on plants, but you can’t hate on people. Play nice with your garden friends or go home to your own weedy beds. Spammers will be summarily banned and cursed with poison ivy.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment that is (too much) off-topic, offensive, or profane.

Don’t try to sell anything here unless you ask me first.

If you are a garden blogger and you want me to create a real blog roll, ask me and I might.

I might correct your spelling! Please correct mine!

You do not have to register to post, but if you abuse this choice, that option may change.

I don’t collect any information about you, so please return the favor and do not send me any spam. Thank you.

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